Super Botanic Tongkat Ali: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Super Botanic has established a solid presence in the natural supplement market with their Tongkat Ali product, capturing attention for its potential to boost vitality and health. This supplement has not only gained popularity through viral TikTok videos but also offers the convenience of international shipping, allowing me to try it out for myself despite geographical barriers. Aimed at enhancing physical and mental energy, promoting a healthy balance between anabolic and catabolic states, and boosting athletic performance, this product taps into the growing trend towards natural health solutions.

Product Overview

Super Botanic’s Tongkat Ali utilizes Physta®, a standardized extract known for extensive clinical research into its effects on quality of life, hormone levels, fertility, strength, and overall health. It’s particularly popular among those looking to naturally enhance energy levels and improve hormonal balance.

Ingredients and Dosage

The supplement features high-quality Physta®, a clinically researched form of Tongkat Ali. It is formulated without artificial additives, ensuring users receive a pure dose of this beneficial herb. The recommended intake is one capsule twice daily, which aligns with standard guidelines for herbal supplements.


Reports from users, myself included, suggest increased energy and improved mental alertness and physical stamina. The product also supports enhancements in libido and sexual performance, reinforcing its traditional use as an aphrodisiac.

Taste and Solubility

Delivered in a tasteless, easy-to-swallow capsule form, Super Botanic’s Tongkat Ali avoids the bitterness typically associated with raw forms of the herb, making it a user-friendly option for daily supplementation.

Pricing and Value

At £35.00 for 60 tablets, this supplement is priced at a premium. The identical pricing for both the refill pack and the original bottle might confuse some consumers, who typically expect cost savings with refills. While the inclusion of Physta® may justify the higher price due to its clinical backing, a more transparent pricing strategy could enhance consumer trust.


  • Contains clinically researched Physta® Tongkat Ali extract.
  • Offers health benefits including improved energy, athletic performance, and sexual health.
  • Tasteless, easy-to-use capsules.
  • Available internationally.


  • Premium price point without clear savings on refill packs.
  • Lack of transparency concerning ingredient sourcing and production processes.


Super Botanic’s Tongkat Ali supplement is commendable for its health benefits and global accessibility, reflecting its viral popularity on platforms like TikTok. However, the high cost and limited information about sourcing and manufacturing may deter some potential users. For those seeking more affordable alternatives,’s top pick, Solaray’s Tongkat Ali, presents a compelling option that balances quality and cost, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for similar benefits.